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We were very pleased to announce that we were going to be using the Interactive Learning Diary as a replacement for the old paper folders a few months ago. You have now all had the letter to explain how to access your child's learning diary and it is lovely to see so many of you adding in comments and photographs from home. We believe that this system is much more effective and is giving you up to date information about your child on a more regular basis and after accumulating the information you gave back to us in your evaluations of the ILD's it seems like you all agree! 66% of you graded the system as excellent whilst the remaining 34% said you thought it was very good and we are very pleased.

Some of the comments made were as follows:

  • "Great and easy way to catch up on progress and photos"
  • "Great to be able to look at my sons progress without having to wait for the folder"
  • "I love it being online and have the app saved on my phone. I have added photos to both my Childs profiles. I find it so simple and much easier."
  • "Really enjoyed being able to look at my Childs profile when we want to. We really appreciate all the hard work involved to get it all set up and maintained. Thanks everyone."

Any questions about the ILD come and see myself and I will be happy to help.

Kind regards

Added: 30 Jun 2019 Updated: 02 Mar 2020