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Inverurie - Term 3 Newsletter 2021

Newsletter – January 2021

Dear Parents

We hope you all managed to enjoy your Christmas break as best you could, and February is now nearly upon us.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you for your generosity with gifts prior to Christmas, they were very much appreciated.

The children who have returned under Keyworker provision have been Superstars, and have managed to adapt so well to the changes. The younger children have really enjoyed being in the big room with their siblings and the older boys and girls. They all seem so grown up!

Staff Update

Below are the staff who are currently in and the days they are working:

Suzanne – Manager – Mon - Thurs

Melanie – 0-2 Room Leader – Mon, Tues, Wed & Friday

Joanne – 2-3 Room Leader – Mon – Thurs

Sarah – 3-5 Practitioner – Mon, Tue, Thurs lunchtime & Friday

Adele – 3-5 Support Worker – Tues – Friday

Staff Training

Caroline, Gemma and Sarah have now completed their SVQ Level 3. A huge well done to them for putting in the hard work and effort.

Adele & Amanda are on the right side of their SVQ Level 3 also, and continue to work on completing this, this year.

Melanie and Lauren are also working hard towards their Level 4 qualification.

Areas of Interest

Since returning, the children started a ‘People who help us’ topic and have really enjoyed exploring all the various people in our community that are there to help.

Fire Fighters – Children decorated and designed their own fire pictures with paint, and we also did a colour by number activity. We used shaving foam to create our own fire, adding paint and tissue paper – we then used the spray bottles to put the fire out! We have also had the fire engines in the sand tray.

Being Active – The children have enjoyed doing penguin yoga, sticky kids, playing the Twister game, as well as having the ribbons out, expressing their own dance moves. In the garden, we played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ and ‘Stick in the mud’

Dentist - Children used toothbrushes and toothpaste to decorate their own pictures of teeth. We also had a discussion about healthy and un healthy foods, which we made a graph with.

Doctors/Nurses – Everyone enjoyed painting their hands to make their own X-rays. We took out the dolls, bandages and doctors set into the tuff tray, and the children loved looking after the dolls.

Experiments - We learnt about germs and did the germ experiment, watching as the glitter moved when we put a soapy finger into the glitter water. We also made our own playdough and the children used the cutters, and discussed what they were making and cutting.

Police - We began by creating our own police badges using the pencils, focusing on pencil control and coordination. We had the police set out in the tuff tray for the children to use, adding in some grated chalk and cornflour to make hand and finger prints.

We then went on to make some ‘Wanted’ posters. Each child had the opportunity to have a discussion about the description they were giving about the person, what their crime was and what reward they would receive. Once we completed our posters, we used some teabags and rubbed over the paper to make it look like an old ‘Wanted’ effect picture.

To continue learning about the police, we spoke about finger and hand prints. Children then did their own prints, having a discussion about how the police take these to do their investigations, identifying people.

Vet - We set the tuff tray up with animals and veterinary equipment so the boys and girls could role play being a vet. We then sponge painted around our bone templates to create our bone pictures. We took out the water tray, and the children washed the animals, using their imagination with them.

The children have now moved on to ‘Under the sea’.


We will continue to update our Covid-19 policy when required, so please can you read it thoroughly when it is sent out to you. Please continue to follow social distancing, wash/sanitise hands, and wear a face covering at drop off/pick up times.

It is vitally important that children do not attend nursery if they are unwell.

If your child develops any of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, then contact NHS 111 to arrange to have your child tested, informing the nursery management team immediately. Do not visit your GP, pharmacy, or hospital, and your child and household unit must self-isolate. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for the most common symptoms of Covid-19 which are Fever/high temperature (37.8 degrees C or greater), A new continuous cough, Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste (anosmia).

If your child develops any of these symptoms at nursery, then parents must inform NHS 111 that the nursery has confirmed symptoms and requests the test, passing on the symptoms that the nursery has advised of. Guidance can be found at :

Parents must also be vigilant to other wider signs of their child feeling unwell, and contact their GP for advice regarding any other symptoms their child develops which may indicate Covid-19. Please also seek immediate medical advice from your GP if your child experiences any unusual tiredness/fatigue.


The nursery will not accept any medicines which contain Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which are used to reduce fever eg Calpol/Nurofen, as these can mask a temperature. Please refer to our Covid-19 Policy for further information re medication. If your child develops a high temperature at home, then you must still arrange a Covid-19 test even if you administer fever reducing medication which would artificially bring down the temperature.

Please do not give your child any medication which contains Paracetamol/Ibuprofen etc which can mask a temperature prior to them coming into nursery. If your child is teething, we advise teething gels/powders which are a good alternative and can be taken into nursery.

Your child must not attend nursery until 24 hours have passed after a first dosage of antibiotic.


Please note that if your child has had diarrhoea or vomiting then they must remain at home until 48 hours after the last episode.

Suzanne Stephen

Inverurie Manager

01467 628862

Added: 04 Feb 2021 Updated: 04 Feb 2021