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Show and Tell Preschool

Show and tell is now interactive therefore we would ask you upload the observation to the ILD and the children will show their friends using the computer with their own pictures/videos from home.

Show and Tell Preschool June- September 2021

Wednesday 2nd June – My favourite physical activity

Thursday 10th June – A family recipe made at home

Friday 18th June – My favourite outfit or costume

Monday 21st June – Something related to Father’s Day

Tuesday 29th June – My hobby

Wednesday 7th July – My favourite storybook character or superhero

Thursday 15th July – Something related to school

Friday 23rd July – An item you found outside

Monday 26th July – An example of a pattern or sequence

Tuesday 3rd August – My favourite song or musical instrument

Wednesday 11th August – a picture of a place you would like to visit

Thursday 19th august – A nature box

Friday 27th August – A magic trick

Monday 30th August – An item an explorer may use

Tuesday 7th September – A skill which I recently learned

Added: 30 Jun 2021 Updated: 18 Aug 2021