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Summer Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy Holidays! I hope most of you are lucky enough to be getting a little break over the summer holidays, fingers crossed for some more nice weather here!


As some of you will have noticed, we have some new faces about the nursery just now. These are our new relief girls who will be in over the 7 week summer holidays to help out. We have Chloe McIntosh and Erynn Sangster, both university students. We also have Amy Mallon who will be a more long term relief member of staff, and not just for the summer holidays.

Little Bunnies

Chloe Rawlinson has recently joined the Little Bunnies team from our St Swithin Street nursery. Chloe will be covering Tyler’s Maternity leave when she goes off on the 11th August.

Busy Bees and Cheeky Monkeys

Gemma Gove will be heading off on Maternity leave on Friday the 18th August. Jade Webster (Cheeky Monkey Room Leader) will be taking over in the Busy Bee room as Room Leader in Gemma’s absence.

We are currently looking for the right candidate to take over from Jade in the Cheeky Monkey room, so we will keep you posted on who that will be once we know J

Staff Training

  • Chloe Muirhead (Cheeky Monkeys) is continuing to work her way through her level 3 training.
  • Amber Piekarski (Busy Bees) is still working to finish off her Level 3 and is very close to the end!
  • Tyler Webster (Little Bunnies) continues to work hard to finish her level 3.

Sports Day Feedback

What a fantastic morning at this year’s Sports day! I would like to thank you all again for coming along to our annual Sports day. The children all did a fantastic job in their races! You could tell they had been practising lots! We really appreciate everyone’s efforts in helping us raise money each year for our chosen charity; you always manage to surprise us with your generosity. The total we raised from Sports day and sponsors for this year’s charity, Barnardos, was an amazing £719.20. We got some excellent feedback from you all this year, and in particular, complimenting how well the Sports day was organised. It’s lovely to get such nice comments back, as the girls work hard organising Sports day. This year 93% of you rated our Sports day as Excellent or Very good with just 7% rating it Good. Some of the comments include

“Well organised – liked the agenda being printed out”
“The general involvement of everyone, was nice seeing and meeting other parents”
“Track to be a little longer for the parents races”
“Participation from all the families and the encouragement of all the
staff for the children to get over the finish line”
“We liked how at the end all the kids got a medal.
Really shows it’s about taking part and not just the winning”
“Last year I think the parents at the finish line was a bit
daunting - good to have us at the side line.”

We had some suggestions for ice cream and tea/coffee I would love to be able to offer both on the day, however we do not have the facilities to boil the water or anywhere to store the ice cream to save it from melting! We will continue to brainstorm over the next year and see if we can come up with any ideas.

Parents Evening Feedback

As most of you agreed in your feedback form, this year’s Parents Evening was a great success. We also managed to keep things on track with timings which always proves hard to do; mainly down to the fact us teachers don’t know when to stop talking!

Thank you to everyone who filled out a Feedback form. We are always trying to improve, so your feedback is always appreciated and taken on board for the following year. This year 88% of you rated the evening as Excellent or Very Good, and 12% rated it Good. Some of the feedback this year includes:

“It was good to get feedback on I’s progress and how she is settling in, the evening was well organised and ran on time”.

“Good to get opportunity to meet with keyworker and discuss the report. Nice addition to the nursery year.”

“Always made to feel very welcome by all members of staff. Very pleased with feedback regarding how he is coming along. Also think the different topics and arts and crafts you have them working on is excellent.”

“Great refreshments!” “Great to get the chance to have an informal chat about our son. All the Busy Bees know him too well! Thanks for taking the time to let us know how he is progressing.”

Dates for your Diary

9th November– Tempest photography will be attending the nursery to take photos of the children. These are always very popular for Christmas gifts! If your child attends nursery this day then they will get their photo taken whilst at nursery – please feel free to pop in a change of clothing if you wish. Children that do not attend that day but would like to come along a time table will be put up nearer the time for you to pick your preferred time slot. Photos can be done individually, with siblings or as a family. Photos are done free of charge with a no obligation to buy if you didn’t like the end result.

2nd December– Wee Rascals Christmas Fayre! This year we are hosting a Christmas fayre at the nursery. We have a wide range of stalls booked in for the day and all money raised on the day and from ticket sales will go towards our charity of the year – Barnardo’s. This will be an open event for the public also, so please feel free to invite friends and family! Ticket will go on sale nearer to the time. The fayre will be on from 1-4pm.

Nativity - A date is still to be confirmed for this, but we will let you know as soon as possible.

Last Day of Term

This year the nursery will close on Friday 22nd December at 6pm and re-open on Monday 8th January 2018.

Reduction of hours for school leavers

A letter has now been put out to all school leavers regarding sessions required when your child starts school. We are aware that the first few weeks of school are just mornings or afternoons, and some parents may still require childcare for the remainder of the day. If you wish to use any sessions then please see myself or Suzanne to book the days you require. These can be used until your child starts school on a full time basis. An additional 12.00pm to 6.00pm session is available only to these children, and we would appreciate if you could indicate which session you will require.

Menu Changes

We have made some slight changes to the 5 week menu for the children’s lunches and snacks and swapped over some of the soups as we noticed the children were having soup mainly on Fridays! These changes will take place as of 7th August.

Improvement plans

We have just completed our most recent Improvement plan which was “Sensory Area”. The aim was to revamp the sensory area and help make it more inviting for the children to play. Amber, Alice and Gemma have been hard at work to makes these improvements over the past 4 weeks and they now feel that the new improved area is proving to be a hit with the children. They are playing in the area on a daily basis and engaging in play with each other whilst there.

Our new Improvement plan is “Mark Making”. Gemma and I feel that this area could be enhanced further, and so the girls have started to make some changes at the mark making area, involving the children also. We aim to have all improvements complete by the 8th August. You can see our most recent plan and the progress the staff and children are making at any time. There is an Improvement plan wall display in the hall next to the children’s boxes.

Busy Bee Topics

The children have been very busy bees since our last newsletter. The topics they have been working on are –

DinosaursThe children have been developing their tripod grasp, drawing pictures of their favourite Dinosaur. (EXA 0-06a) They have also been learning about the different types of Dinosaurs there are, and they made a graph of what type was their favourite (MNU 020c). Several of the children also worked fantastically as a team and built their very own dinosaur using the large wooden blocks (TCH 0-15a).

In the small world tray, the children watched the dinosaurs “egg” hatch (a dinosaur was placed inside a balloon and filled with water, and then frozen overnight). Because the egg was taking a long time to hatch, the children used their motor skills to help the egg hatch a little quicker, using some spades to tap the egg and encourage it to hatch! (SCN 0-05a)

At The FarmThe children were given a fun homework task during this topic, which was to design their own farm! We loved seeing all the children’s creative art work when the homework came back in. They all did a fantastic job! As it was too difficult to pick the one winner, we had two winners from this homework task. We then took the designs, and with the help of the children, we made a large wall display, which you will see on the wall next to the fire exit in the room. (EXA 0-02a)

The children expressed a lot of enjoyment whilst learning how to shear a sheep. We created our own sheep picture and used shaving foam as the wool, before all having a go at “shearing” our sheep – I think we have some budding farmers on our hands! (SOC 0-08a)

Some of the children took part in an activity where they had to create their own tractor as part of a team. The children used a cardboard box as the main part of the tractor and opted to use paper plates as the wheels! We thought their problem solving skills were fantastic and the end result was a beautifully designed Wee Rascals Tractor (EXA 0-05a)

During this topic, we went on our summer trip, and what a better place to go than Doonies Farm! The children particularly enjoyed getting to feed the animals whilst at the farm.

Our current topic is ‘pets’. The children have started off the topic by developing their sorting skills, matching the same breed of dogs (MNU 0-20a)

We plan to have a discussion about what different animals eat, in particular, one of the children wanted to know what a rabbit ate. Throughout the topic we will also be learning about how to care for different pets.

Cheeky Monkey Topics

The topic we were starting the last time was My Family. The children have made a graph of who is in their family and how they are related to mummy or daddy (Responsive Care 7)

The boys and girls also developed their creative skills by making some self-portraits. They chose what materials they wanted to use to create their faces and discussed where they thought their eyes, nose, mouth and ears went. (ROC 2)

Throughout the topic, the children also role played ‘Being a family’, so we had the role play area as a house and the messy tray had washing liquid in it to “wash the dishes” (Resp 3)

Nursery Rhymes- Nursery rhymes are very popular in the Cheeky Monkey room, so we decided to develop this interest further. The children participated in a range of activities that were nursery rhyme themed. Out in the garden, they took part in a Hey Diddle Diddle themed obstacle course to help develop their gross motor skills. The children crawled through the tunnel, then jumped over the “moon” and balanced on the “egg and spoon”. (Resp Care 4) They also practised their number skills by taking part in a number game with the 5 Little Ducks theme.

Over the course of this topic, the children took part in various craft activities to make spiders, Baa Baa black sheep, stars and a bus. (Relationships 3, Resp Care 6)

Summer– Our role play corner was turned into ‘a beach’ which the children loved roleplaying in! they had the babies at the beach all week and the children learnt about how important it is to stay safe in the sun and use sun cream; ensuring the babies had theirs on whilst at the beach. (ROTC 4)

The boys and girls really enjoyed using the puff paint when making “ice cream cones”. We then made a chart of all our favourite kinds of ice cream. (Respect 3)

People who help us– The children expressed enjoyment when dressing up as fire fighters! They created their own fires to put out using paint and shaving foam! (Resp care 4). They also focused on shape recognition whilst creating their own fire engines. They used old cardboard boxes and a range of materials to create the fire engine, discussing the different shapes throughout.

After reading a book about the dentist, we discussed healthy and unhealthy foods for us, and then created our own teeth pictures using some toothpaste. (Respect 1)

After discussing what a Doctors job is, we got onto the topic of broken bones. We then used cotton buds to create or own x-ray pictures, and we also used the Duplo to build a hospital! (Resp Care 8)

Our current topic is ‘The Forest’, which became an interest after our recent trip to the Fairy Woods.

Little Bunnies Topics

We have been learning about a few different things this term.

Disney - The Little Bunnies were working on their hand-eye co-ordination whilst building towers and castles with the Duplo blocks (Rights of the child 3). We have also been dressing up as fairy princess’ and princes, and participating in various craft activities, creating different Disney themed pictures. We played ‘pin the tail’ on Eeyore (Relationship 7). We baked Disney biscuits also.

Colours and shapes - using the compare bears, feet painting and puzzles, the children have been learning about different colours. (Responsive Care 3 & Rights of the child 4). We then went onto talk about shapes and to introduce various shapes to the children. We used the shape sorters and playdough cutters. (Responsive care 5 & respect 3). We also developed our skill for throwing and catching using the bean bags. ( Relationship 5). We made shape and colour pictures to place around the room for daily learning, and we did some colour mixing in the tough spot to explore different colours out with the primary colours.

Farm and Farm animals - We have spoken about all the different animals and vehicles that you may find on a farm. We then used a toy tractor to create pictures using the paint and their wheels. We played the animal sound game to identify the different sounds animals make and we also played animal match up activity. (Respective Care 3 & Respect 5). We made a beautiful Farm animal display too.

Summer - In the tough spot during this topic, we made a mini beach with the sand, water and buckets for the children to explore their touch senses.

We also had a summer picnic where we all wore our hats and sunglasses. The children were all very excited during our picnic! Again, there was a lovely wall display made with various art and craft - sand art to make the beach and feet painting to make the sky, as well as ‘Stick and glue’ ice cream cones and buckets and spades..

We have also been practising completing 4, 8 and 9 piece puzzles. (Respect 3).

The children loved playing with the parachute. (Rights of the child 4), and when out in the garden, children developed the skill to walk across the balance beam unaided. (Responsive Care 4).

Our current topic is ‘Zoo Animals’.

Policies of the Term

Each term, the nursery focuses on certain policies. Policies this term are:-

  • 9. Child exclusion policy for behavioural issues
  • 13. Fire prevention and control
  • 31. Starting Nursery and room transitions procedure.

You will find a copy of these policies on the parent’s notice board by the main hall

Kind Regards

Rachael Farman
Nursery Manager
Tel - 01467 633270

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