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Wee Rascals Too - Term 2 Newsletter 2019

Term 3 - February 2019

Dear Parents/Carers

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new families to Wee Rascals Too. I hope you have settled in well. We all hope you had a wonderful festive period, and are back into a routine now. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind wishes, gifts and cards at Christmas. As ever, you were incredibly generous, and myself and the girls were overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity.


We have had a few staff changes as we entered the New Year.

Chloe Taylor decided to take a job out with a childcare setting, to allow her to spend more time with her young son. Emma Wright accepted Chloe's position, and is now working in the Cheeky Monkey room on a Monday and Wednesday.

I am delighted to let you know that from the 7th January, Hazel McPherson has been working as 3-5 Room Leader in the Busy Bee room. I'm sure you will agree that Hazel is doing a fantastic job and has made some very positive changes within the 3-5 room. Hazel has transferred from Room Leader of the 3-5 room in our sister nursery in Aberdeen, and comes armed with lots of knowledge and fun to share with the staff and children.

Charlotte Burnett and Stephanie Horne have both now moved to the Little Bunnies room from the Busy Bee room. They have both settled in well.

Gemma Lynch has joined us as a relief Nursery Assistant. Gemma is currently working in the Busy Bee room on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


I am delighted to let you know that in 2018, Wee Rascals Too raised a fantastic £2204.42 for 'Befriend a Child'. Collectively, Summers Nurseries raised £11356.09, and on top of this, our Victoria Street nursery raised a further £1006 for the charity through Kiltwalk as well. I'm sure you will agree that this is a fantastic amount and we are all really delighted. I thank you all for your continuous generosity and support throughout our charity events.

Our 2019 charity of the year is 'Friends of the Special Nursery', a charity of Aberdeen Maternity Hospital's Neo Natal Unit for sick and premature babies in the Grampian region, as well as the islands of Shetland and Orkney. For more information, you can look at their website,


Karis Morton continues to work towards an SVQ 3.

Emma Rowell continues to study for an SVQ 4.

I continue to work towards a BA in Childhood practice.

Trips / Visits

Angela from Abricabeats has been coming to the Busy Bee room on a Thursday afternoon at 12.30pm this term.

The Busy Bees enjoyed Christmas trips to the Lemon Tree and His Majesty's Theatre.

The ante pre-school children visited the Lemon Tree for a special performance of 'Night Lights' which was a visual show. The children were engrossed from start to finish and enjoyed going to the 'theatre show'.

The pre-school children had their annual trip to His Majesty's Theatre to see the Pantomime, Snow White. This was a great afternoon, and we had special front row seats. The children roared and laughed when I was chosen from the crowd to have popcorn thrown at me! A fantastic time was had by all.

We will be looking to arrange the next Busy Bee trip shortly, so please keep an eye out for information and permission forms.

The end of last term saw the Busy Bee Nativity take place in the Church hall. The children all did really well and the show was a huge success!

All the children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas Parties and were delighted when Santa made a surprise appearance, he even brought a present!

Little Bunnies

When we returned after the holidays, the Little Bunnies began learning about Camping. This began after the children took a great interest in the new tent in their room. The children enjoyed a variety of learning opportunities, including sponge painting a campfire display, and participating in sticking and gluing activities.

After a suggestion from a parent, the Little Bunnies then went on to learn about Day and Night. The children took part in a PJ day and danced to 'see the little bunnies sleeping'. This improved and developed the children's gross motor skills and abilities to follow instructions. All the bunnies helped to design a wall display, painting moons and stars.

A second parent suggestion took the children on to learning about Transport. The children used the cars and bikes in the garden, practicing balancing and gross motor skills. They enjoyed taking part in a matching game with different vehicles, and used lots of different coloured paints to create a train. This topic has proved very popular, and the Little Bunnies continued this further, completing transport puzzles and making play dough to build different vehicles.

Cheeky Monkeys

Since the last newsletter, the Cheeky Monkeys have been very busy!

Surrounded by the excitement of the festive period, the children began learning about Christmas. They took part in creating a Christmas wish list, and enjoyed a superb Christmas Party, where they danced with Angela from Abricabeats, and had a visit from Santa.

The Cheeky Monkeys took part in a variety of art and craft activities relating to Christmas, including making baubles, wreathes, candy cones and Santa hats. The children practiced and developed their scissor skills by cutting up and collaging old Christmas cards. They also took part in a baking activity and made some delicious gingerbread!

After the holidays, the children decided to learn about Transport. They have been busy with various craft activities, such as dipping the wheels of different vehicles into paint and exploring the tracks they make. The children have used flashcards and completed various transport related puzzles. They have also developed their music and movement skills and knowledge by engaging in our 'sticky kids' transport dancing cd. The children are still continuing to learn about transport at the moment.

Busy Bees

The Busy Bees welcomed their new Room Leader, Hazel, after the holidays. Hazel has been developing different areas within the room, and has settled in really well, getting to know all the children.

The Busy Bees have a new 'Tinker' area, where they are encouraged to use fine motor skills to manipulate small objects, such as locks and keys. There are also measuring tapes and different sizes of screws and bolts. The tinker table helps to develop children's problem-solving skills and teamwork, as well as promoting the children's creativity skills.

The children put together some new 'Golden Rules' for the Busy Bee room. They identified new rules, and the consequences of not following rules. The children drew pictures of themselves following the rules. The aim of the rules is to keep the children safe, and to ensure they are being responsible and beginning to manage their own risk.

The Busy Bees have been developing literacy within the room. They have a new sign in/out system, and new peg names too. There have been new additions to the mark making table, such as a punch and rulers.

After the holidays, the children began learning about dinosaurs, and everyone took part in a wide variety of activities. They measured themselves to see how many children it would take to become the length of a T-Rex. They also practiced writing words relating to dinosaurs, and made a wall display showing off everything they had learned.

The children were lucky enough to get to see and hold some real fossils which were brought in by a parent! The children reminded each other to be careful, as they were very old.

The Busy Bees have been taking part in yoga since Christmas, and enjoyed a dinosaur themed yoga session!

When the weather turned colder, the children began discussing the temperature, which led on to a responsive planning afternoon, where they took temperatures of the fridges and freezer, and made a chart recording the different temperatures. We also used food colouring and a variety of resources to freeze water in gloves, and enjoyed exploring them the following day.

Improvement Plans

Our most recent Improvement Plan has recently been developed and is divided into 3 areas. We are focusing on improving and developing the use of observations and planning, developing the use of the ILD system, and developing zoning and loose parts.

The Improvement Plan is available for you to look at and add to in the corridor.

Tax Free Childcare

In April 2017, the UK Government launched its tax free Childcare Scheme which will replace existing voucher schemes which close to new entrants April 2018, although existing membership can continue forwards from this cut-off date. Information is available for you to read from the following sites:-


Could I remind all parents that it is essential that they put their child's full name as a reference on any voucher that is paid to the nursery. This is the only piece of key information that we require on the voucher. We do not require you to put Summers Nursery, invoice number, parents name or any other piece of information on the reference. Due to the ever increasing vouchers coming in from parents in 5 nurseries, we are still finding it difficult to match vouchers to certain families due to not being able to identify the voucher, so it is important that you change any existing vouchers to contain this information, thank you. Please also cancel any siblings that have left the nursery off your voucher.

We do however realise that the government vouchers seem to be a bit problematic regarding the reference system, and we will try to work around this.


As the weather continues to be unpredictable, can I ask that you provide suitable outdoor clothing for your child, labelled, where possible.

We require 4 weeks written notice when dropping days.

A reminder to all parents that we meet in the Little Bunnies room for breakfast. This runs until 8.15am. Can we ask that your child has their slippers on before coming in, so they can get started with their day!

Uniform for children is available to buy from the office for the Busy Bees. We have polo shirts and jumpers available. These are optional.

Please make sure that when entering and leaving the building, you don't allow other people into the nursery. The children's safety is paramount, and we operate a strict, no ID – no entry rule for visitors and people picking up children.
Can I also remind parents to let us know if somebody else, other than the named person on the sign in/out board will be picking your child up. You can let us know throughout the day via phone, email or facebook messenger.

Policies of the Term

Every term, we select certain policies to focus on. Our policies are available for parents to read in the front hallway. Please ask myself or the Room Leader of your child's room if you have any trouble locating them.

The policies of the term are as follows:-

  • 3 – Open Access to Information
  • 13 – Fire Prevention and Control
  • 38 – Website Policy

Dates for your Diary

Our website - www.summersnurseries.comhas information regarding dates, 'show and tell' etc, so please take a look at Wee Rascals Too news.

Kind regards
Claire Rizza
Nursery Manager
Tel: 01467 633994

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