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☘ = Vegetarian

Snack Menu - Week 1

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Rice Cakes with Soft Cheese Breadsticks with Houmous
Tuesday Bagel and Vitalite Homemade Scones
Wednesday Croissant Homemade Fairy Cakes
Thursday Cheese Straws MHomemade Pancakes
Friday Crackers and Cheese Melba Thins and Ham

Snack Menu - Week 2

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Oatcakes and Cheese Brioche and Vitalite
Tuesday Pitta Bread Fingers and Red Pepper Houmous Homemade Shortbread
Wednesday Toast Ham, Breadsticks and Dip
Thursday Snack A Jacks Cream Cracker and Cheese
Friday Toasted Bread Muffin Cereal and Milk

Snack Menu - Week 3

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Cheese Straws Bread and Butter
Tuesday Crumpets Banana Loaf
Wednesday Toast Oatcakes and Cheese
Thursday Bagel and Ham Homemade Scones
Friday Crackerbread and Ham Homemade Fruit Cake

Snack Menu - Week 4

Day Morning Snack Afternoon Snack
Monday Breadsticks and Houmous Cheese Straws
Tuesday Melba Thins and Ham Homemade Apple Cake
Wednesday Crumpets Oatcakes and Cheese
Thursday Toast Crackers and Ham
Friday Bagels and Cream Cheese Homemade Raisin Shortcake

Snack Menu - Week 5

Day Morning Afternoon
Monday Crumpets Oatcakes and Cheese
Tuesday Brioche and Vitalite Melba Thins and Pate
Wednesday Cheese Wrap Homemade Banana Loaf
Thursday Breadsticks and Dip Homemade Scones
Friday Toasted Muffins Homemade Shortbread

Added: 18 Sep 2019 Updated: 23 Nov 2019